From treating mild stomach disorders to extreme ailments, one herb is commonly quoted as a quick remedy. Yes, you got it right! It’s none other than the ‘wonder of wonders’, often referred to as the ‘Queen of Spices’ – our very own Turmeric.

The irony is that many people are not aware of its surprising benefits but use it as a main spice in almost every foodstuff they make!  Turmeric stands tall among other frequently used medicinal spices due to its unique compound ‘Curcumin’. When you unlock these below mentioned healthy uses of Turmeric, then undoubtedly, it will find a sure place in your daily diet.

Nutrient information of Turmeric:

  • Protein
  • Niacin
  • Vitamins such as C, E, K
  • Potassium
  • Calcium
  • Copper
  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc

Keep this ready in your kitchen if you are often prone to stomach related problems!

Turmeric is regarded as the best in healing digestion problems. The wonderful medicine blocks the formation of ulcers, one of the most common stomach ailments. The major components in turmeric soothe the usual process of digestion and inhibit many of the digestive problems, beforehand.

One of the blessed characteristics of turmeric is the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease and ulcerative colitis. It gives relief to the patients by reducing the inflammatory levels and even there are statistics proving that patients have stopped taking corticosteroids due to the effective functioning of curcumin. It is also a perfect solution for diarrhoea.

‘Mama, my stomach is aching!’, shouts your child in pain. What is the quick remedy? Don’t worry when you have turmeric in hand. (NOTE- Don’t use this for menstrual cramps).

  • Boil 10 gm of turmeric root in about 1/4th of water quantity. Once it’s boiled, add jaggery to it. Due to the boiling heat, the jaggery will dissolve in water. You are supposed to give this solution to the child.

Almost all types of stomach discomforts can be easily treated with this awesome herb.



Diabetic people try out all ways in moderating their blood sugar levels to a great extent. Turmeric is also meant for that, it is potential in controlling the intensity of insulin in the case of Type-2 diabetes. It even inhibits the worse conditions like retinopathy and neuropathy, major complications of diabetes. The compound ‘curcumin’ also has positive effects on the insulin producing cells of pancreas.

Not only diabetics, others also can consume turmeric on a daily basis to balance the blood sugar levels in their body.



This surprising herb acts as ‘three-in-one’, as an Anti-inflammatory, Anti-depressant and an Anti-coagulant. The most powerful usage of turmeric is its capacity to control swelling and irritation. Curcumin is considered the most effectual anti-inflammatory compound around the world.

Research studies showcase that it fights against depression and helps in correcting the symptoms of depression. One of the most important features of turmeric in today’s scenario because reports say two in five people suffer from depression.

There are medicines available in market to prevent and slow blood clotting, but turmeric has proved best of all, with its unique properties.



This is a serious issue and medical experts are finding exclusive solutions to relieve terrible joint pain. With its anti-inflammatory property, turmeric acts great for reducing the pain concerning rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Anyone who takes in turmeric on a routine will witness the change in their joint pain from worse to mild levels.



Doctors and medical experts are trying out all ways to discover drugs in the cure of this disease yet failure remains and is known to be one of the incurable diseases as of now. Still, the ingredients of turmeric can help in preventing Alzheimer. It supports the removal of unwanted plaque storage in the brain and allows smooth flow of oxygen. Recent study has stated that the curcumin compound may improve the memory levels of patients undergoing Alzheimer’.



When all are appreciating the positive uses of Turmeric, this amazing medicine goes a step further in curing almost every part of the body and Liver is not an exception. You can add turmeric to your diet daily to gain a healthy liver. It acts a natural detoxifier for the liver. Turmeric helps in enzyme production, which is needed to detoxify the blood.



Do you know high risks of cholesterol can lead to heart-attack? Heavy intake of junk and unhealthy foods has serious impacts on the cholesterol levels in turn resulting in dangerous issues. Hence, maintaining proper level of cholesterol can prevent you from any type of cardiovascular diseases. Research reports claim that turmeric is truly a blessing in reducing the intensity of cholesterol. Curcumin is also known for lessening oxidative stress and inflammation during high cholesterol levels.

Cholesterol Meter High Showing Unhealthy Fatty Diets


Well, you can be relieved on seeing this because cancer is one of the deadliest diseases increasing at an alarm rate. Yet it can only be cured to some extent and we must be careful and struggle hard for its prevention. Turmeric does wonders with regard to this, still not a dependable medication for complete cure. It destroys the cancer cells of prostate gland and prevents prostate cancer. It has also proved highly effective against tumour cells of breast carcinoma, colon carcinoma and so on. Nowadays, the special compound – ‘Curcumin’ has attracted the eyes of medical experts and scientists all over the world and they are working hard to incorporate its benefits in treating cancer.



We all have a strong belief that handling our mood swings is really a difficult task. But,we can manage even our mood swings with this incredible medicinal spice. The elements in turmeric give way for a balanced mood. Studies and research findings have found that it is considered as one of the finest options for stabilizing our mood according to our atmosphere set-up.



In this modern world, who won’t want to try out anything that makes their physique fit?

Do you long to maintain an ideal body weight? Then, turmeric is a must-have in your diet. It breaks down the excess dietary fat with the aim of achieving balanced weight.

Take one teaspoon of turmeric powder daily especially those who really yearn to lose weight or control obesity.


We hope this wonder herb will surely be an important component in your daily diet from tomorrow onwards! Let it continue to serve everyone of us with its marvellous benefits and unique compound functions. Don’t worry on how to add it in your routine dietary plan – sprinkle it onto every of the dish you take in, even liquids like milk and smoothies also can be consumed for better results.