Everyone agrees on the fact that the world is becoming stressful day by day. It comes from our work, relationships, and health concerns and may be, little things that occur every day. More and more factors to cause stress are cropping up now and then, without our invitation for them. And it will continue to do so. We cannot stop these stuffs from taking place but we can definitely save ourselves from getting overly stressed. How? Well, try these amazing natural herbs listed down, which will help you to deal with anxiety and stress in the most wonderful ways you can imagine.

  1. Lavender


Lavender inculcates a calming sensation as effectively as its name does. It has been in medical use since the old times of World War I. It is mostly famous for its salubrious nature and the tranquilizing scent that invades your stressed mind and relieves you from the distress successfully. The anxiolytic effects of lavender are well known and it has been in use for this purpose all around the globe.

Plus point: It stalls your thoughts and melts all the stress away without a trace of harmful side effects.

  1. Liquorice root


Liquorice root is one of the most favoured herbs to support the adrenal exhaustion and has been in use since the pharaohs ruled the lands. It helps the body to tackle extensive and stressful situations in the most natural manner possible. It exerts an influence on the cortisol (stress hormone) balance in our body and also aids in maintaining normal blood sugar levels. There are several studies which highly support the mollifying effects liquorice root exhibits. Make a gentle and pacifying potion by infusing it in your morning tea.

  1. Chamomile


It has a soothing scent that pervades your senses and keeps all your worries at bay. Chamomile contains apigenin that acts as a powerful natural sedative, appeasing stress and agitation. This herb gently allays our uneasiness mostly in a cup of tea. A cup of chamomile tea any time during your day will take your mind off the stressful land and relax you to beautiful heights. If you’re not fond of a hot cup of tea, then you might want to try an iced chamomile tea with lemon wedges, a dollop of honey and a sprig of mint. It is bound to become your favourite stress-buster.

  1. Passion Flower


Blessed with several health benefits, Passion flower has long been in use as a sedative. With time and its spread across Europe, it was used to treat restlessness and anxiety. In modern days, Passiflora is mainly used to diminish the stress a person is going through. It calms your brain down and lowers all the activities in your head and puts you in a relaxed state. Apart from these, this herb is also utilised to treat insomnia and other sleep disturbances.

  1. Ashwagandha


This Indian herb, Ashwagandha, possesses innumerable beneficial qualities that comes to your aid whatever the case may be. Antioxidant properties of this herb is responsible for the abolishment of stress in our cells. There has been several studies where ashwagandha revealed that it can reduce fatigue, promote better sleep patterns, and relieve one from anxiety. Hardly having any side effects, ashwagandha is an herb that is being used since antediluvian times for a million cases.

  1. Holy Basil


Another sacred herb native to Asian region, Holy basil alleviates a stressed mind as easily as any synthetic alternative but without all the adverse effects. Tulsi combats stress by reducing the stress-hormone, cortisol, in your body and thus providing you with clearer mental state and a calmer state of mind. The minty fragrance enhances the lucidness of all your senses and steers the heavy grey clouds away from your head.

  1. Lemon Balm


Lemon balm tree is another natural botanical extract that works its way miraculously to relieve you from stress, appease all your cramped senses, and soothe agitation. It also has sedative properties and induces sleep other than allaying your stressed mind. It has gone through many experiments by the researchers and has proved many times that lemon balm tree can relax you and diminish anxiety in your worrying little brain.

  1. Valerian root


Stressed out due to a restless day at work? A big fight about the color of bed sheets with your spouse? Mind racing with noxious thoughts while you’re trying to sleep. Well, your brain needs rest as much as you do, and if that does not come by trying to calm down on yourself, you can try this herb called Valerian root. It has a magical ring to its name and it does work magically to palliate all the troubles that your head is going through. Dulls your mental clutter and puts you to a sweet sleep.

  1. Meadowsweet


Meadowsweet is also commonly known as mead wort, meadsweet or bridewort. It has a sweet and pleasant flavour and its fragrance diminishes the headache that you get from the anxiety attacks. It can be used in a cup of soothing tea or can be rubbed on the floors so that the scent wraps you in its relaxing aroma. But the down side of this herb is that it has a few interactions with drugs that you might be taking. So, just to be safe, we recommend you to consult with your physician before you start using this herb.

  1. St. John’s Wort

st johns wort

St. John’s wort was used traditionally to uplift one’s mood and relieve them from stress and depression. But before taking this herb, you might want to check with your doctor if it’s safe for you or not. It has always been more efficacious than the prescription drugs to treat depressive mental states. This herb has been used since olden golden eras and still works as miraculously as ever. St. John’s wort has proved scientifically that it helps ease distress and agitation but it should always be first consulted with a doctor.

  1. Kava kava


Kava kava was used as a ceremonial beverage in the Pacific islands since the ancient times. It kept the people stress free and helped them to cure sleep ailments as well. It was used to calm crying babies and soothe their sobs. Kava kava has revealed in many experiments that it successfully manages to calm down the stressed nerves of the mind and relaxes the muscles of the body. Furthermore, it has no side effects and is a brilliant pacifier.

  1. Ginseng


Numerous species under its genus, Ginseng has a lot of benefits to count. One of them is its property to reduce stress and diminish all stress-induced illnesses. Studies across the world has repeatedly proved that this adaptogen can calm you like no other herb. While going through a racing mind and troubled week, you can turn to ginseng for help. It will alleviate the pain you’re going through and put you to a great night’s peaceful sleep. It kicks out your mental exhaustion and brings back the tranquilizing state of mind.