In our quest to embrace our essential feminine side, we look for a variety of ways, gestures or tips that might come handy. The greater the discrepancy between what society calls feminine and what you believe to be ‘feminine’, the more difficult it is to achieve this mammoth task. True feminine beauty comes from within and not from the external features, as is most often hailed. And in keeping up with what Megan Gahan, a famous blogger said once, “You (women) were created to be strong and powerful and formidable. Not in spite of your sex, but because of it.”, we bring to you the twelve tips on how to feel more feminine:

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12. Refine your Speech:

Speech is the most common way of communicating and putting your point across. In order for you to come across as and feel more feminine, a little poise and elegance in speech is what can make all the difference. We are not saying that you should or should not use certain words but substituting curse words with sarcasm or subtle insults (unless, of course, it is absolutely essential that you must) can render you the grace that you want.

11. Practise good Hygiene:

Females are anatomically very different from males. Certain body parts, like the reproductive ones or the breasts require essential and different care to be able to function well. This is why it is important to maintain good hygiene, especially when it comes to these parts. The pH level of your reproductive areas vis-a-vis other parts of your body, for instance, is quite different.

10. Acknowledge your Weaknesses:

Many misguided females think that accepting their weaknesses is a sign of letting go of strength, when, in reality, the fact is just the opposite. Every woman has certain strengths and certain weaknesses. Accepting that you are vulnerable when it comes to certain aspects or seeking help when it comes to varying issues, does not make you weak. It adds that touch of honesty to your overall personality and of course, helps you let go of that facade which is sometimes too much to keep up with.

9. Grace and Poise:

Maya Angelou says in her poem ‘Phenomenal Woman’- “I don’t have to shout or jump about or talk real loud/ When you see me passing by, it ought to make you proud.” and that is the truth of it. Trying to be more calm and understanding in situations where everyone else is going bananas is what becomes not only a better lady but also a better human being.

8. Wear that Smile with Confidence:

Confidence is the key to having a more likable and feminine personality. The twenty first century woman is the epitome of confidence and does not need any one else to take a stand for her because she can do that on her own. The first step in doing so is to accept yourself for who you are and love yourself, with all your flaws. Only if you respect yourself will others follow suit and do the same. And the best way to radiate confident vibes is to wear that smile that can make anyone’s day, including yours!

7. Let Go:

Part of being feminine also entails letting go of everything that holds you back. Stress, tensions of daily life, mistakes of previous friendships and strained relationship ties are part and parcel of life. We cannot run away from them; that is not possible. So instead of repressing these experiences, why not confront them with all your might? You will be surprised at how easy it then becomes to move forward. It is only when you break free from these that you can enjoy your essential femininity in full swing.

6. Wave off the Stereotypes:

Society often tells us what behaviour and personality becomes a lady and how she must conduct herself. To an extent, we like being graceful and poised, sugar and spice, and all things nice. But if this comes at the cost of concealing our real, inner selves, it is a waste. And in order to allow your femininity to burst forth, it is okay to show who you really are-Let your hair loose, do not be afraid of being a tad bit clumsy or being seen in your loose pajamas. If these tidbits define who you are, embrace them and show the world that being a female is not merely about following the rules, we are rebels too!

5. Risks versus Recklessness:

Experimentation and exploring is the flavour of the season- Go on and buy that favourite dress of yours that is in the brightest possible colour. Go for a solo trip (but make sure you are safe and take all precautions) and meet new people. See the best in people unless they show the worst in them. And make mistakes so that you can laugh at them later.  So, start your journey of striking the balance between risks and recklessness!

4. Make it a Point to Excel at your Work:

The twenty-first century woman is an independent and self-reliant person. She is capable of taking care of herself and is her own hero. To be able to assert your feminine strength, you must make it a point to be first-rate in the respective field of your work. Whether you are a working mother or the bread-earning daughter of your family, focussing on your professional life is as important as your personal life.

3. Experiment with your Hair:

If you ask a three-year old child the difference between his mother and father, he is most likely to say that his mother has long hair while his father has short hair. This is because, in most cultures, a woman is encouraged to beautify her hair and in such a case, it is more than acceptable for you to experiment with it. Wake up one morning and decide that you want to adorn your hair with flowers. Or decide to chop off the tresses if you are tired of taking care of it. In either case, the point is to break the monotony of having the same hairstyle!

2. Take yourself out on a date!

Everyone fantasises a relationship. Irrespective of whether you are single or in a committed arrangement, taking out time for yourself is very important. Part of doing this is to take yourself out on your ideal date. We are not saying roses and candle-light dinner or anything that elaborate, but a simple meal at a favourite restaurant or a movie date with your popcorn and cold drink is all! At the end of the day, you need time to connect with yourself and understand that nobody else can make you as happy as you can make yourself!

1. Love without Inhibitions:

Femininity, when defined in abstraction, is about being generous, compassionate, loving and kind. Writing an anonymous note to a colleague and seeing how your compliment makes her day, or sending a bunch of flowers to an old friend who is stressed about his job can make you realise the true joy of giving!


Femininity, indeed, is not what others think of you but what you think of yourself. So do something today that will make the woman in you feel great!