Hit the alarm clock, wake up, check your phone, go back to sleep. Tired of the same old routine? Kick start a new healthy lifestyle by gulping down a glass of warm water with juice of half a lemon. Because, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade! That’s the ultimate sweet revenge to bid goodbye to your old ways.  Lemon, being a powerhouse of vitamin C, B, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, enzymes, antioxidants, and fibers, has tremendous benefits for your body. This one ritual can turn you over into a new leaf in no time. Super simple and the perks are irresistible to ignore! Take a look at its benefits!

16. Keeps the body hydrated


Yes, we know the drill. We are supposed to drink 8 glasses of water everyday to keep hydrated but who sticks to it? Because water is plain and boring and no matter how important it is to stay hydrated, we often forget to reach the target especially during summer months. Lemon juice comes to the rescue here by making things more interesting. So, have as many glasses of lemon juice to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day.

15. Strike out Caffeine


Most of us are accustomed to a morning coffee. How about replacing it with a mug of warm lemon water? It pumps you up with the energy to wake your body just like a cup of coffee would. Guarantee, you won’t regret it.

14. Boosts brain power


Lemon contains high levels of potassium and magnesium which have beneficial effects on the brain and nerve health. Your nerves will thank you for it!

13. Helps to maintain good oral hygiene

Smiling Lips

Fight mouth bacteria with lemon. Yes, they’re great to help maintain overall oral health. However, citric acid can erode tooth enamel. So, be mindful of that fact. It’s best to brush your teeth before you drink lemon water.

12. Helps prevent cancer


Surprised? Here’s how it works! So, cancer loves to grow in an acidic environment. But, lemons are great at neutralizing acids, thus, alkalizing your body which may prevent cancer from growing in the first place. Hence, the antioxidants present in lemons not only protect your skin from ageing but also reduce the risk of several types of cancer.

11. Reduce Mucus and Phlegm


Sound gross? Not to worry. Lemon aids in reducing mucus and phlegm production. The folks who drink cows milk on a regular basis are more sensitive when it comes to mucus production. Drink a glass of lemon water if you don’t want to go dairy free.

10. Effective trick for weight loss

Close-up of a woman in sportswear measuring her waist

“Wish I could lose some weight without exercising.” Everybody has been through this stage one time or the other. Wolfing down lemon water first thing in the morning can do wonders in the weight loss category by helping you achieve faster and long term results. Lemons stop your hunger pangs and cravings thereby making you feel full.

9. Promote healthy and rejuvenated skin 


Usually, the step after losing weight is a cry for beautifully clear skin which is like an unattainable wish considering the pile of junk food being consumed everyday. And at times, our genes play games too. Well, this is the one stop solution to all skin problems. No bluffing! Thanks to the vitamin C component and other antioxidants present it lemon, say goodbye to winkles and blemishes. Th alkaline nature of lemon prevents the bacteria that causes acne and the vitamin C promotes healthy glowing skin. No matter what you apply on the skin outside, results which lasts longer comes from what you give inside.

8. The cold season is going to affect you no more!


That’s right! The antibacterial and antiviral properties present in lemon protects the body from being prone to flu, common cold and sore throat. Practice drinking lemon water everyday and see the differences for yourself.

7. Hydrates the lymph system


Your body comprises 70% of water and being deprived of it can be seen in symptoms such as feeling tired, lack of energy and sleep, decreased immune function and many more. Drinking warm lemon water will replace fluids that has been lost and keeps the body hydrated.

6. High power immune system


This fact is a no-brainer. Iron as well as Vitamin C is quintessential in boosting immune system in the body. Lemon is rich in Vitamin C and potassium. The former helps in keeping up good immune system and the latter aids control blood pressure. Plus, lemons help to absorb more iron from the food you eat.

5. Cleansing properties


Lemon juice is a priority when it comes to flushing out toxins and other unwanted materials in your body. Because lemons increases the rate of urination from the body. Thus toxins are released faster thereby keeping the urinary tract at its optimum health. It also changes pH levels which prohibit bacterial growth. The citric acid in lemon encourages proper enzyme function, stimulating liver to aid in detoxification and work efficiently.

4. Skyrocketing energy


Lemon water boosts your energy and enhances your mood too. Human body receives energy from the atoms and molecules present in food. A reaction occurs when the positive charged ions in the digestive tract come in contact with the negative ions infused in the enzymes. Here, lemon contains negative charged ions which provides more energy to your body. The scent of lemon is also said to improve a person’s mood. Who wouldn’t like being a happy little pill, full of energy on the start of the day?

3. Beats anxiety, stress and depression


Lemons are chock full of vitamin C and reduces anxiety and stress.It helps to brighten your mood and clear your mind. This helps you focus on solving one problem at a time.

2. Tone down that heartburn


Gulping down a glass of warm lemon water during heartburn will help liver balance the calcium and oxygen levels. Now, isn’t that easy?

1.  Helps in good digestion


It has been already discussed about its unbeatable properties when it comes to flushing out toxins and unwanted materials from the body. Lemon’s atomic composition is similar to saliva and hydrochloric acid present in the digestive juices. This promotes liver to produce bile that is necessary for digestion. Therefore, lemon juice has digestive characteristics which provides solution to indigestion, constipation, belching and bloating.

How to make a good glass of lemon water


Promise, it won’t take more than 5 minutes of your precious morning routine. Squeeze half a lemon or a whole lemon into a glass of lukewarm water or water at room temperature. Why not cold water? Well, our body takes more energy to process the temperature in the morning. Now, if you can’t take the bitter taste every morning, pour some sweetness by adding honey. Now, say hello to happy mornings! This is sure to even beat your Monday blues!