Every one of you would agree to the fact that weddings are exciting but an expensive affair. There are dozens of things that require your attention; the wedding venue and catering demanding the most time, energy and money.

As a wedding host, you want all your guests to spend a comfortable time and enjoy delicious meals, desserts, and drinks. However, amidst providing your guests a memorable wedding presentation, there are higher possibilities of stretching your wedding budget beyond your capacity.

People find it a hard time to plan a wedding catering that is affordable yet is the showstopper of your event. That is why I thought of presenting my readers with list of tips to arrange a wedding catering without hurting their financial limit.

  1. Plan Well Before Time With a Feasible Budget in Mind

This has to be the most important thing when you go for catering arrangements. You need to decide the maximum amount of money you can spend on the food and then accordingly search for catering services that can work in your budget limits.

Your caterer should be crystal clear about menu requirements and should be asked to present a proposal before finalizing the things. You should plan all this ahead the wedding date to avoid the last moment anxieties.

  1. Skip the Traditional Catering Services

If you want a unique yet cost-effective touch to your wedding food, hire local food trucks or your favorite restaurant in the city and ignore the traditional caterers.

By doing this, you would ensure that there are beautiful and delectable meals presented to your guests without those mandatory price mark-ups.

  1. Opt for Dinner or Buffet Style

Setting up a platter-style dinner of buffet is a great way to keep up with your catering budget. Moreover, this will help you limit the number of snacks set out at the table and feed your guests with amazing food.

A bulky wedding cake, a bar for sweet dishes and few mocktails are enough to satisfy their taste buds to the core.

  1. Choose a Simple Menu

Simplifying the food menu is a smart way to cut down the expenses on wedding catering. Instead of choosing labor-intensive dishes that require more time and ingredients to prepare, choose simple yet tasteful dishes that everybody would like in general.

Hire talented chefs and discuss your requirements with them to cut down the preparation time and expenses.

  1. Limit the Alcohol Flow

You can save a lot of money by dropping the idea of extravagant bar to serve all types of liquor. A sensible way to cut cost would be to serve basic drinks such as beer, wine, and champagne. You can also add one signature drink to make the beverage menu a little interesting.

You can also provide your own alcohol to the caterer to enjoy savings and serve the one as per wish and need.