No matter what space your house is, you can always add a little creative corner that boosts creative and innovative levels of the brain. Besides, such spots are great to make your kids fall in love with creativity.


Many modern parents are aware of the fact that such modular artistic places in the house area great escape for your kids into their Lala lands. They can showcase their creativity and invent artistic pieces with their never-ending talent. Moreover, if it is not about kids, you can give your creative place a personal touch where you can relax, take part in other activities like book reading, needlework, making paintings or creating music.


You can experiment with your creative place and add certain features that will boost its appearance and functionality. Down below are mentioned some of the points to help you-


1) Add features that regulate the lighting of the creative place-The lighting of your creative space must be apt. One of the best ways to introduce light is to add glass panels which will allow the natural light to soak in, reducing your energy bills. When the sun rays are too sharp, you can always go with adding shutters to minimise the effect. Besides, go for assimilating LEDs and candescent lighting bulbs that create a vibe during the dusk hours.


2) Make the space look alive- The last thing you would want is your creative space to be neglected like a dark room or a basement that has never been visited. So, construct it near the area where your family gathers or hangs around or it could near the outer edge blending with the outdoor living space. Why don’t you go for adding a spiral staircase to give that elite touch so that it connects to both the storeys of your house, making it easily accessible?


3) Add functional elements- Even though you intend to make your creative space beautiful, filled with all the innovation you could bring it to your place, yet making it functional will make it worth spending time in there. Go for adding sassy furniture or go for making it a little boho style by incorporating a sitting place. A coffee table where you can keep that coffee and read your book with interest or a sofa set to lounge on and enjoy the view is the best thing.


5) Choose bright colors- Light and bright colors like green, yellow, sky blue can soothe mind and eyes. It can freshen up your mood as well. However, you can also go for one focus point in the entire creative space such as a wall where you can show your artistic skills and paint the sceneries or hang some wall-hangings.


6) Have some storage space- Your creative place would contain everything you wish to do there. Whether its reading books, painting a canvas, creating music; there needs to be some storage space where you can safely store all your belongings. Hence, add some storage space too.


7) Bring in some plants- The best element is to add indoor plants in designer vases in your creative space which will filter the air and freshen up your mood. You can add bespoke planter boxes near the boundaries of your creative space too.