Kitchen spaces are often ignored when buying or building a new house. People say that they can live with a cramped kitchen as long as they are getting that floor to ceiling window bedroom. But soon they realize what a big mistake they made. On the other hand, some people get lucky and get a decent sized kitchen but their organization skills mean they find it cramped too.

Whatever the case may be, we have some tips for you. If you are finding space a difficult commodity to find in the kitchen then you should definitely try these 8 tips and see how much more you can squeeze out-

Use Shelves

If you do not have large custom kitchen cabinets then you should have some space left on top of your cabinets. Use this top portion as a shelf to store items which are not used frequently. Be careful not to store expensive and/or fragile items there as there always a chance of something falling.

Use Pegs To Hang Stuff

Your wall is not there just for the show. You should use the wall to hang items with the help of pegboards. That’s not it, you can also use it to add in a layer of shelves or another cabinet if you will. It doesn’t have to a full sized one, a small one for small items is more than good enough.

Use the Side of the Cabinets

Just like the walls, you can use the open side of the cabinets to hang some items. You can add some pegs, or add a knife holder. Not everything needs to be complicated. Simple additions are enough to make the most of out of your space.

Cabinet Doors are Handy for Small Items

Your cabinets have the potential of becoming so much more. You can get special door mounted organizers for cabinets. These are not very expensive and can help you to stash away unused tissues, pot holders etc. Easy to do but extremely effective.

Custom Fitted Sink Covers

You can convert the sink into useable counter space by covering the top with a fitting board. When you are not using the sink, you can cover it with the board and you have some extra space for performing your chopping duties.

Pot Racks are Your Friends

How many of you have ever considered using the ceiling to expand your kitchen? You can use racks and other hangers from the ceiling on top of your stove to hang your pans and pots. Doesn’t take up much space but can add a touch of uniqueness and creativity.

You Can Never Have Enough Containers

Go with square containers whenever possible. They make better use of the available space. They don’t roll around that easily and are conveniently available in many stores.

Unused Items Should Go Away

If there are items that you never use then those are not meant to be in the kitchen. Find a new place for these items and make sure your kitchen space is focused on only the items that are required.