Treatment involving non – surgical body sculpting has been on a trajectory of immense growth in recent years. Such procedures claim that they can help people get back into shape without having to put in hours at the gym or undergoing daunting surgical procedures such as liposuction. So what exactly is body sculpting and how are they effective in shedding a lot of that fat? The following article will explore some of these possibilities:-

What does body sculpting mean?

Body sculpting can best be described as a form of treatment which will help a person do away with all the fat cells without having to undergo surgical procedures. A few of the procedures will entail the freezing of fat cells while others will use penetrative heat through ultrasound therapy or radio frequency. This in turn, will lead to reshaping of the bottom, thighs, abdomen, upper arms as well as various other parts of the body over the course of many sessions.

How do such procedures work?

The body sculpting treatments tend to work in a similar fashion. They function by breaking down the fat cells which will cause your body’s lymphatic system to erode within a matter of months. However, certain treatments are of the opinion that those very same areas have a much less likelihood of accumulating as many fat cells in the longer term.

What are the various body – sculpting treatments that are available?

  • Cold treatments (Cool Sculpting)

Cool sculpting which is also known as cryolipolysis are effective in killing off the fat cells by disintegrating them with a suction vacuum which is applied onto the desired area, wherein the fats will undergo freezing to – 11 until the time they crystallise. Such a method can be used for most parts of the body such as the abdomen, arms, chin, thighs and love handles.


  • Ultrasound treatments (Ultra-Shape)

In body sculpting, there is a treatment known as ultra-shape which will mean that the ultrasound will employed to help break down the fat and this procedure is carried out by an ultrasound technician who will manually move the device around your body, typically around the abdomen area. The device in question, will use a mechanical vibration to help break down and do away with all the fat.


  • Heat treatments (SculpSure)

Such procedures will call for the usage of lasers which will penetrate deep enough to destroy the structure of the fat cells whereby, the body will subsequently eliminate them. In the case of SculpSure, the arms of the device will graze against the targeted area wherein, the machine will emanate laser pulses into the body.


  • Radiofrequency treatment (Vanquish & truSculp)

Within the domain of body sculpting, such a treatment will give off energy to produce a heat that systematically kills the fat cells. It is the water that will be targeted in the cells. Hence, it is advisable that patients undertake adequate hydration well before the procedure.

Are body sculpting procedures painful?

Many of these hot and cold body sculpting procedures do entail some measure of pain, or perhaps a rather burning or stinging sensation may ensure but given how these treatments are known to be short, the pain will most likely fade quite quickly. Unless these treatments involve the use of surgery, there isn’t a need for anaesthesia so there’s no downtime required. The body sculpting treatments are typically provided in the form of session’s i.e. from 2 – 4, which will be subject to the type of treatment you opt for as well as the area you wish to treat.

Are there any potential risks involved?

It goes without saying that no matter which surgical or non-surgical procedure you wish to undertake, there will always be some measure of risk involved and any decision to go through such an undertaking shouldn’t be taken lightly. With respect to the body sculpting, risks that are commonly associated with such a procedure includes bruises around the treatment area, and the sensations that one could experience are stinging, tingling or even aching for a few weeks post the treatment. Though it may be rare but the more serious consequences with fat freezing treatments includes paradoxical adipose hyperplasia. This is when the fat cells grow bigger as opposed to getting smaller which is the adverse outcome of such a treatment.