Doing the cleaning chores all alone with kids and work can be challenging. Besides, how much you try, you can never achieve the right results. This has made the house cleaning service more of a necessity than a luxury. There are more local and family-owned and operated cleaning businesses opening up to meet the increasing demand of the homeowners, especially in these times of COVID.

A professional cleaning company ensures that your premises are free of dust, dirt, and all sorts of allergens and maintained in the best possible way; thereby giving you a gift of good health and time to focus on other important things. You may keep thinking that it is expensive and something big to hire outsiders to do the cleaning work for you, but once you have them on board, you can see the cost-effectiveness and customization they bring.

However, there are few questions you have to ask before signing off the agreement with them –

Q1. How long have you been in this business? Do you cater to needs similar to mine?

Every company has someone as their first client but do you want to be the one – that is an aspect you need to consider yourself. I am not saying that new entrants are not reliable; it is just that residential cleaners with experience are better at doing their jobs. Hence, work with someone who has been in the industry for quite a sometime now and has a track record of success. Also, ensure they service business like yours.

Q2. What kind of cleaning methods and equipment do you use?

Cleaning companies have their own techniques for window washing and gutter and downspout cleaning.  And, it is essential to know what your potential service provider is going to do and how. It is profitable to work with the company when you are providing them with nothing but a contract. No matter what your facility demands for proper cleaning, he must come with all the desired equipment and tools and adapt to your requirements.

Q3.   Do you carry insurance?

A lot of accidents can happen when cleaning, and it is better to have a cleaning company that has provided sufficient level of training to its employees and insurance for all, including the clients that hire them. That is because the involvement of heavy or moving cleaning machinery can be dangerous and without proper insurance, the liability of injuries and mishaps entirely lies on you. You wouldn’t want any legal trouble later, so beware beforehand.

Q4. How much do you charge for your services?

Most cleaning services charge on an hourly basis, but many others bill you on the complete cleaning project or by the number of people they sent for the work on site. There may be extra charges for each subsequent visit or to handle very messy tasks. So, in order to avoid surprise costs at the end of the day, you better clarify their fee structure. Don’t run for the cheapest – pay attention to the quality of work also.