Before studying the harmful effects of mold on human health, let us learn what mold is!


What is the mold? 


The multicellular organism mold belongs to the fungus family and is very harmful. Scientists say that mold has evolved over 400 million years ago and has a variety of species ranging from tiny mold to large mushrooms. They grow in the form of spores and are helpful in degrading organic materials like leaves, plants and wood fiber.


Do you know mold spores are present everywhere in the environment? Especially where the moisture level is high, and humans inhale these spores while breathing. When inhaled, it can cause serious health issues like lung bleeding, cancer, and respiratory problems.


In homes, mold can easily grow in bathrooms and kitchen and thus needs to be inspected after regular intervals. Otherwise, the presence of mold can affect your health severely.

The following is the list of harmful effects that mold has on humans.


  1. Irritation – When the mold gets nutrition from organic substances, it produces volatile organic compounds. If humans get exposed to these compounds, their mucous membrane and central nervous system can get damaged. The person can face difficulty while concentrating on things and can feel dizziness all the time. Moreover, it can lead to headache, decreased attention span and skin irritation.


  1. Allergy – Molds are usually allergens, and when inhaled, the human body releases some chemicals and histamine. These substances are harmful and lead to swelling and itching in the body. In worse cases, rashes appear along with other symptoms, including runny nose, sneezing, itchy watery eyes, and coughing. However, it is not necessary that everyone fall prey to these allergens, but those having weak immune system can get affected easily.


  1. Neurotoxin effects – Mold can cause damage to nerve tissues that can result in harmful neurotoxin effects. Due to such hazardous effects, a person can suffer from poor neurological function and visual sensitivity.


  1. Cancer – Due to the presence of mold in the home, a person may also have to suffer from cancer. Inhaling mold spores, the functioning of the immune system declines, and it further damages the heart, lungs, intestines, and skin. Moreover, these areas get susceptible to cancer.


  1. Respiratory problems – The person may feel difficulty in breathing and can face respiratory issues because of mold. If someone in your home already has asthma, then the condition worsens for them.


If you want to stay in the pink of your health, then it is highly advised to hire a mold inspection company after a regular interval. Mold inspection is important because it sometimes grows at such places that are not visible directly. Moreover, if you ever notice mold in your home, get it removed immediately and keep your home fresh and healthy.