Our hair and face are almost always our major priorities when it comes to skin care or beauty. As such, most of us often tend to neglect certain areas that require special attention. One such area is our armpit region. Especially in the case of women who are at a higher risk of contracting breast cancer linked to lack of awareness of how to take ample care of the armpits, this poses a major issue. The best way to deal with such an issue is to perform the much required armpit cleanse. Here we tell you why you should go for it and the ways you can use to do so:

3.To fight the chemicals of deodorants and antiperspirants:


Body odour is a common occurrence and most of us are especially over conscious or embarrassed when it comes to smelling fragrant and acceptable. This is why we often end up using products like deodorants and antiperspirants whose use, if limited, indeed solves this problem. However, overuse of these products often leads to an accumulation of chemicals in the body that may affect hormones. Moreover, sweating is a natural process that is important for temperature regulation of the human body. When this natural process is completely stopped by the use of antiperspirants, problems are bound to arise. In such a scenario, an armpit detox is one of the best ways to remove and reduce the chemicals from our skin and body tissue.

2. To smoothen the process of transition from chemical to natural:


Once we realise the kind of body and skin damage that use of deodorants and antiperspirants brings about, we often tend to hastily switch to natural products. However, if this transition is not closely monitored, it can have a variety of equally drastic side effects. Excessive increase in a very noticeable body odour, itchiness and redness in the armpit area as also an increase in sweat produced by the body. Even though it is a good step, if taken without proper measures it can result in the above-mentioned undesirable results. This is why you should opt for an armpit cleanse because it smoothens out the transition from chemical products to natural ones. It will not only shorten this transition period but also reduce the discomfort that it brings along.

1.To reduce your risk of breast cancer:

breast cancer

Breast cancer is one of the most dreaded and common illness that is feared by women in all countries. One of the major links between an unhealthy armpit and the need for an armpit cleanse is the aspect that considers breast cancer. The age old saying that ‘Prevention is better than cure’ is completely apt in such a scenario. The chemicals used to keep the armpit smelling fragrant often disrupt hormones and act like certain estrogens. They are highly carcinogenic and also affect the lymph nodes. With armpit unhealthiness posing such major health issues, it seems like a very wise decision to opt for an armpit cleanse. After all, it will strike the correct balance between fighting stubborn body odour and maintaining a healthy skin life.


Having established why it is so essential to carry out the armpit cleansing ritual, we now list the top ways which can help you perform it too:


7. Say goodbye to deodorants and antiperspirants:


The first step is to give up using all chemicals on your armpits, primarily including deodorants and anti-antiperspirants. Latest research on breast cancer has proved that most deodorants, though effective in fighting bad odour, can affect bodily hormones and thus, cause breast cancer. This is the reason why you should begin your armpit cleanse by waving goodbye to materials that will do more harm than good.

6. Exfoliate:


Exfoliation is a process that is equally necessary for all parts of the body and the armpits are no exception to this rule. The basic premise of exfoliation involves the removal of dead skin cells, dirt and germs that accumulate on the upper most layer of the skin. In order to exfoliate the skin in your armpits, you can opt for a loofah and incorporate its use along with your daily shower ritual.

5. Use Aluminium-free Baking Soda:

alum free bs

Baking soda must be applied to the armpits when they are slightly moist after washing. The major thing to make sure of is that the baking soda must be free from aluminium content lest it lose its purpose.  Baking soda is advisable because it not only fights body odour but also whiten, lighten and brighten the dark patches. Every time you notice an odour coming from your underarms, you must moisten them and apply baking soda that is free of aluminium.

4. Bentonite Clay:

bentonuite clay

Bentonite clay is an alternative for baking soda. Many of us have sensitive skin that reacts to the slightest of active substances and in case your skin is extremely sensitive, especially to baking soda, bentonite clay is the perfect, milder alternative. In order to apply this to your underarms, water and apple cider vinegar may be added to it. The idea is to get this mixture in the form of a yogurt like consistency. Ensure that you steer clear of any metal utensils while preparing this since there will be a possibility of an undesirable chemical reaction.

3. Detoxify: 

young teenager drinking water after exercise.

It is extremely important for your armpits to undergo the detoxification process since they are always in contact with strong chemicals from deodorants and antiperspirants. This is why it is important to give them a “break” and detoxify. Just like a digestive detox requires avoiding junk food, a skin detox requires avoiding chemical cosmetic application. Initially, body odour will be a problem and you will have to apply the natural paste almost every few hours. For complete detoxification, this process needs to be continued till your natural fresh odour can survive up to six hours. Also, make sure that you drink loads of water every day for proper hydration.

2. Hair Removal Tips for Armpits:


As part of the armpit cleanse, it is best to take measures and precautions even when it comes to hair removal. In keeping up with the chemical-free step, it is important to avoid using any kind of  hair removal cream. Besides, such creams almost always result in rashes and skin darkening. Avoid harsh razors too as they can damage the skin and make it rough. The best option, thus, is to opt for waxing. However, even in this case, make sure that the wax is not to hot otherwise, you may end up burning our rupturing the skin.

1. Lemon Juice:


Lemon juice is another ingredient that can be used for an armpit cleanse. All that is required is to dilute it with a few drops of water and apply it on the armpits. This citric acid constituent in the lemon juice thoroughly kills bacteria and restores cleanliness and hygiene. About fifteen to twenty minutes are enough to allow the lemon juice to work its magic. What is even better is that it will get rid of the stubborn body odour almost instantaneously.


So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and plan your armpit cleanse at your whim and convenience. This is definitely going to be a step further in the direction of a healthy skin free of the risk of the devil we call breast cancer. This is why it comes as no surprise when people hail armpit cleanse and appreciate its diverse benefits.