Barcode tools are mainly used to track information about the products. It has become prevalent in almost every business and company. It is quite challenging to find information about any product manually s every company deals with a number of products. Manual tracking of the same will be very time-consuming. The invention of barcodes and barcodes scanner tools has been a blessing as it saves time and gives appt information about the product. It works very efficiently and helps businesses to stay up to date with the intended information about the product. To get the information hidden in the barcode, you have to scan it with a portable device that further transfers the information in the main computer system. Barcoding of tools and equipment is not a tough job, but it requires clarity of certain general things:

  • GSI identification numbers: GSI identification keys are to be set up before you barcode your tools and equipment. GSI identification keys are simply numbers on the barcode. There is a GSI member company that can give you the GSI Company prefix and assign you GSI identification numbers that you can include in the barcode. The GSI member company helps companies make a barcode for their tools, products, coupons, etc. After you receive these numbers, you can assign a barcode to your products and units. You might have a question regarding how long will be the GSI identification number? It totally depends upon the GSI company prefix you acquired from the GSI member company.
  • Software Selection: Each software plays individual roles. While choosing the correct software, one should keep in mind the purpose for which you require software. You should set up appropriate hardware and software for the system useful for you. The software can be bifurcated into three types on the basis of features and cost:
  1. Most cost-effective ones: These can function only on mobile barcode scanners. It usually includes information regarding the number of the product only.
  2. Budget-friendly: Such systems can work efficiently on desktops as well as mobile phones.
  3. A fully loaded system with features: It is the most common type used because it has a wireless barcode scanner system. Such a system can make real-time changes.
  • Selection of bar code: Before selecting a barcode, the bar code printing process is to be selected. This selection is done on the basis of the type of information. After this comes the selection of a barcode. It is presumed that a barcode has to encode the Uniform Resource Locator. Further, choose the size and color of the barcode.
  • Application of labels: Before pasting the barcode labels on the products to want to track, a quality check of the barcode is mandatory to be run. Then after making the surface of the tools and equipment clean, paste the barcodes on it. Tap the label properly so that it gets fixed properly.
  • Scanning: after you add the intended tools for tracking in a software database, you can ask your employee to scan all the tools carefully.