Every relationship experiences ups and downs. There might be times when you are extremely happy, understanding and sharing everything with each other. On the other hand there also might be times where you don’t feel like talking to each other, fight all the time and have started keeping constant secrets from each other.

Though relationships problems and issues are part and parcel of life but if things are going out of the hand then you might consider couple therapy. Therapists will help you two work through your problems and give a new fresh start to your relationship.

Below given are three signs that show you need couple therapy :

You both have frequent difference of opinion :

  • Sometimes couples face challenges communicating with each other because they go through constant difference of opinion even on the slightest matters of communication. Each one becomes stubborn about their own statement and does not consider their partner’s view upon anything.
  • Due to this they rather feel like not communicating with each other or prefer keeping secrets from one another. They don’t even desire to share their happy moments or sad moments and prefer to be all by themselves.
  • If you feel such kind of differences appearing in your relationship then probably it is a sign for you to consider couple therapy. This therapy will make you two work through your problems and will bring you both on the same page.


You fight probably all the time :

  • When you and your partner feel a communication gap amongst yourselves then you must consider couple therapy. Sometimes you and your partner reach a point where every single communication turns into a fight. Basically you two can’t talk without fighting unnecessarily.
  • No doubt couples go through fights, rather it is a part of a relationship. But constant fights on everything you discuss can be harmful for your relationship and might affect your bond to a large extent.
  • If you feel that you and your partner are engaging in frequent quarrels without any particular reason then you should talk to a therapist about it. Couple therapy will aid you to understand each other better and communicate more calmly and respectfully.


You have started pretending things :

  • If you feel that you or your partner are brushing things off or trying to avoid important conversations and pretending to be fine then this might be the time you consult a therapist and go for couple therapy.
  • When you are in love with your significant one you are true to their face and tell them exactly how you feel but if you have become pretentious or try to avoid and ignore your partner then it is a bad sign for your relationship and might affect your bond with your partner as well.
  • Therefore, before it is too late and things get out of hand you must go for couple therapy. The therapist will help you to handle your issues and effectively communicate with your partner without pretending anything.