A guitar is a musical instrument that usually has six strings. It is traditionally constructed of wood with the strings made up of nylon. The lower body has a hollow chamber for vibrations to echo. It is played by pressing the fingers against frets that have strings known as strumming or plucking.


Learning a guitar can be exciting, and it requires a lot of patience. There is a wide variety of guitars one can pick for learning. One must decide the type of guitar he wants to buy and excel in.


There are some simple ways to differentiate between guitars to buy a suitable one:


Buying an Acoustic Guitar:

It is recommended by the professionals to always buy acoustic as your first guitar. It is easy to learn, and you will start playing it within a few days of your lessons. It does not require accessories which are demanded for electric guitar.

Considering an acoustic guitar for taking lessons will help you focus on creating better sounds says the instructors.

Initially, it will be hard for you to adjust your hand on the strings since they are rough.

Acoustic guitars are suitable for all types of music, like soft, rock, folk etc.


Electric Guitar for Versatility:

Electric guitars are generally used by professionals or somebody who has a smooth hand in playing the guitars. These guitars are versatile since they come with controls for volume and tone.

You can connect other equipment like cords and amplifiers to amplify their sound.

Beginners avoid buying electric guitars since they are complex to operate and demand a person who knows the tool.

People who have created their musical bands and want to put variety in their sounds opt for electric guitars.


Bass Guitars:

Bass guitars have a longer neck and scale length. They typically have four to six strings. They are used to produce a lower pitch, so they are generally connected to amplifiers and speakers to be loud enough.


Get The Look You Want:

Guitars come with all type of features and aesthetic finishes. You can find guitars in different colours, the ones that give a metallic look, guitars having a floral finish or colourful patterns etc. Even online stores can provide you with guitars having different shapes and designs.

Looks do matter but aren’t everything. Always choose a guitar whose look or pattern inspires you to play it.


Try out Lots of Guitars:

It is always suggested to try out various guitars before buying according to your comfort. If you get a chance to visit stores, you must play a few guitars there. You can take the help of the store owner but don’t be so intimidated by him since they persuade you to buy something. Hold the guitar, play it to see what the guitar sounds like. You can check for things like:

> How heavy the guitar is?

>Does the neck feel comfortable in your hand while playing?

>Width of the guitar and placement of strings.


When you have finally purchased a guitar of your choice, you would want to join classes to be perfect with your instrument. You can search for a music academy to become a pro in learning guitar.