Versace, Armani, Pucci, Prada, Dior and the list is diverse and endless! There is only one common thread that defines the relationship between these fashionistas par excellence, they are all from the land of beauty, Italy! The heights that they have scaled makes us wonder how much more there is to learn from the Italians beyond their pizzas and pastas. For when it comes to beauty, they don’t lag far behind. They rank number one in global fashion and their citizens are often the ones we envy when it comes to style, grace and confidence. But what is that particular ingredient that sets them apart? That very component that defines who Italians really are? Here we reveal to you the top ten Italian beauty secrets:

10. Eat Slow:


Most of us are always in a hurry to finish off a meal. Having breakfast or dinner is more like a task in a checklist that we have to strike off as soon as possible. For the Italians, the case is just the opposite. They love and thoroughly enjoy their meals, which means they take ample amount of time for each meal. This ensures that they allow for better chewing, better digestion and of course, better absorption of nutrients. Moreover, they have a culture of walking or taking a stroll after a meal, which further aids better digestion. And as we are all aware, a healthy stomach is key to a healthy skin.

9. Meal-time Snack? Green Salads it is!: green salad

With their main course of pastas and pizzas, the Italians always opt for green salads. Leafy green vegetables are used in the preparation of these salads and thus, it becomes a healthy alternative to other meal-time snacks. The fiber in these vegetables makes one feel fuller for long and when accompanied with a little bit of red or white wine, the effect on the body, health and skin is enhanced.

8. Olive Oil:


Olive oil is one of the major ingredients that balances the heaviness of carbohydrates that are filled in pastas and pizzas. Olive oil, when used in cooking food, makes it comparatively lighter and easier to digest. Even when it comes to the salads, they are tossed in olive oil and prepared to be healthy for everyone. The secret to the healthy eating habits of Italians is a secret no more! Because olive oil is not only good for weight loss and digestion but also for a healthy heart and skin. And it is also the one ingredient that they swear by when it comes to hair care and skin care!

7. Cakes and cookies? I love my fruits!: fruit

Italian desserts characteristically contain fresh fruits with natural sugars. Seasonal fruits have their own natural sweetness and as such, no fattening or preserved sweeteners are required to be added additionally. This means that their desserts have no extra calories at all. They are seasoned not with calorie-laden sauces like mayonnaise or barbecue but with simple wine or balsamic vinegar. Cakes and cookies that otherwise are loaded with sugar, are used only during special occasions or celebrations (that too, very rarely). Indeed, the best way to maintain a good figure is to avoid processed desserts altogether!

6. The Traditional Italian Hair Mask:


Olive oil is a perfect oil to massage into your scalp for nourishment and hair strength but the most important thing is that it is a great ingredient in the traditional Italian hair mask. It involves soaking all your hair in olive oil and then covering it with a shower cap or towel once you are done. The longer it is left like this, the better it is for your hair! It is the perfect weekend treatment for your hair and can be used right before your usual shampooing and conditioning ritual.

5. Loyalty to Your Product:


The Italians are firm believers in being loyal to their products. This basically means that once you have chosen a product that works for you, avoid switching over to others or experimenting in a risky manner. If you are happy with the results of a product, use it diligently and sincerely. The key is to ensure that you allow your body to get accustomed to it and reap its benefits to the fullest. Switching products often results in confusion as to which is working and which is not. It may also result in reactions among varied products.

4.  Natural Highlights:


Experiments with our hair are part and parcel of ending up with the beauty look that suits us the best. Hair spas, treatments and expensive chemicals are often part of this process. But for the Italians, there is a better way to get those highlights to die for. Lemon. It is as simple as that! Just mix equal parts of lime juice and water and soak your hair in it completely. This simple mixture is your road to completely natural highlights!

3. Enhance your Best Feature with Make up:

Many of us focus on hiding our flaws when we sit down to do our own make up. The Italians do the exact opposite yet again! They use their make up to enhance that feature of their face that is already the best or near perfect. This means that if you have been endowed with high cheek bones, you will apply more blush and accentuate those. On the other hand, if you have lips that attract attention, use a branded lip liner, gloss or lipstick to get the perfect look. Basically, enhance your safest bet and see how it works in your favour!

2. You Don’t Need an Occasion to Dress Up:


You have all kinds of clothes-casual, formal, party, wedding, dressy and so on. But for the Italians, there is nothing as a ‘casual’ get up. To leave the house in pajamas and showcase an “I don’t care about fashion” attitude would be an unforgivable fashion crime. And much of their beauty lies in the rule-Always dress up from head to toe. Right from the tip of your nails to hats and sunglasses, pay such attention to detail that is impossible to ignore your sense of style and clothing. No wonder they always look hep!

1. Smile and Sunshine:


Sun and beauty? They are poles apart, aren’t they? Well, no, not for the Italians. They want to go ahead and confront the very aspect that we tend to avoid-sunshine. The sun’s radiations are harmful, can potentially cause skin cancer, and give you the awful tan. Then how and why do these Italians make an effort to befriend the sun? There is only one answer to that-Vitamin D. One of their most intricate beauty secret lies in embracing sunshine for not more than at least fifteen minutes a day for beautiful hair, skin, nail health and overall energy levels!   Right from the way they diet to they way the use their make up, Italian secrets are ones that we can use on our own to achieve beauty par excellence. Of course, there are cultural differences in the way people conduct themselves and the amount of emphasis they put on hair care, skin care, beauty and self grooming. But that does not mean that the essence of their beauty secrets cannot be incorporated in to our daily lives. Keeping the spirit of their secrets the same while adapting them to the respective culture one belongs to is the key to striking the right balance. So go ahead and try out these tips and tricks!