Kahwa an aromatic green tea beverage can do wonders, if you are on the mission to stay healthy! Then you are at the perfect place to know how Kahwa tea is healthy for you

This aromatic Kahwa tea was discovered in the world between the first and second centuries. It is still one of the palatable and salutary for the humans.

It  has travelled far and wide parts of the world, most popular in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Middle East.

This Kashmiri Kahwa tea traditionally prepared in the Samovar, the brasskettle under the flames of coal is infused with spices is a bundle of flavours and good health. You might be thinking that how a cup of tea can do ‘wonders’ to your health?

Here are I have brought you The 10 Health benefits you will meet after having Kahwa Tea!

10) Magic of flavours

We humans have always have an inclination towards taste! Our taste buds are always in the search of something mouth-watering, delicious and relishing. Kahwa tea also fulfil this need of us.

It contains magical ingredients to make a flavorful and a vibrant drink will make you to dive in the world of flavors.

An ideal Kashmiri Kahwa contains saffron, cinnamon, cardamom, dried cherries, apples, raisins, crushed dry fruits like pine nuts, pistachios, walnuts, almonds, cashew nuts and pieces of dried apricots or dates.

Each of its ingredient has its own distinctive flavor, fragrance and taste. There are at least 36 varieties of Kahwa tea.

9) Traditional boon of healthy life

Centuries ago our ancestors began a perfect ritual of tea breaks! Which these scientist, nutritionist or doctors advice us just began from a historical tradition. Tea break acts essential for us as it exhilarates a new zest in us to work more alert and productive.

8) Acts as a Natural Remedy

These days, a normal tea or people living in the metros are addicted to the cup of Chai, which is acidic and harms the digestive system. Whereas, Kahwa tea stands out from the normal Chai, which you prefer on stalls. A sizzling Chai may look sumptuous but somewhere hampers your health!

As we live in a surrounding polluted, dust and congested cities we are more prone to flues. Where you don’t even find time to breathe! You must think again just a couple of minutes to prepare and drink Kahwa tea can rejuvenate your living.

It acts as a perfect home remedy for flu, cure chest congestion, severe cold and even headaches!

7) Beverage for fitness

If you are fitness freak or determined to have a healthy lifestyle! Kahwa tea can be the prominent one in your diet plan. Its nutritional properties give a quick relief from the fatigue caused by work outs. Health conscious can have this drink after meals to settle the carbs  as the drink washes away the fats. It helps those who wish to give up on their addiction to milky teas and coffees.

Kawah relieves stress for the over worked executives, tiredness or those who want solace in something healthier than getting drowned in the alcohol or beer.

This tea is rich with anti-oxidants that helps to fight the signs of ageing, young and supple.

6)  Release the stress

Addiction to coffee and milk tea is affecting our health as it increases acid and caffeine levels in the body, causing an increase in toxicity, impurities, restlessness, insomnia, an increase the intoxicants and can even help to raise the cholesterol levels.

Whereas, Kahwa tea refreshes and detox the chemicals you consume through your food or drinks!

The reduction in toxins, give space to increase the levels of anti-oxidants. An increase in anti-oxidants, raises the levels of energy and enthusiasm.

It makes you active and happy even helps to activate the happiness or feelgood chemicals in your brain like Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin or Endorphins.

Few sips of warm of Kahwa tea can relax your stress and anxiety levels cause by workloads or emotional distress.

5) Maintains healthy skin

As Kahwa tea is a rich with anti-oxidants, it treats acne, reduces the dryness of the skin as the essential oily ingredients. Crushed almonds and walnuts give a natural glow to your skin.

As this tea mostly drank in the regions of cold, helps to give warmth inside the body and moisturizes the skin. Every morning a drink of Kahwa tea can refreshes your skin.  As it acts beneficial for digestive system it works well to cleanse the skin and provides the glow and nourishment.

4) A perfect drink kick start the day

Kahwa tea can do magic to your sinus, migraine as it contains thousands of compounds that will work synergistically.

It works as a perfect beverage to kick start the day with all those ingredients,

it will infuse the essential nutrients all at once making it more alive and bio-active, it will strengthen your immune system.

3) Immunes Digestive system

Kahwa tea leaves work perfectly during winters. Mostly it is found that the cold seasons hampers the digestive system. Constipation is the major problem, on which Kahwa tea works effectively. Kahwa tea helps to cleanse the digestive system and pace up the metabolism.

2) Lowers the risks of high calories

Kahwa tea can be with or without sugar, mostly sugar must be avoided! But hey sweetooth don’t get disappointed as we can have more healthy options. Sour apples in to Kahwa, honey, dried cherries or raisins, being natural sources of sugar works well. Water, cinnamon and honey acts simply perfect to lower the calories.

1) A dose of energy

Though Kahwa tea does not contain milk, still it can be called as splendid energy booster. During office hours, generally caffine or milk contained beverages are usually prefered. Choosing Kahwa tea can be an healthier option for you.

Kahwa tea reinforces  your immunity, hydrates the skin, cleanses digestive system and tackles influenza.

A cup of tea in mid hour of the work will perfectly cheer you up enliven you to work more efficiently.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get your cup- pour and drink, the elixir of the Kahwa leafs for your healthy living and better lifestyle!