Dry cough is cough which is not accompanied by the production of phlegm or mucus. This is caused most often by viral infections, atmospheric pollutants, allergies or acid reflux. In any case, dry cough is a source of intense misery especially when it does not allow the person to sleep peacefully or undisturbed. It often causes an undesirable distraction in the daily chores or at work. The trick is to soothe the throat and prevent further irritation or redness to allow the dry cough to be cured.

So fear not because here we list the Top 10 Natural Effective Dry Cough Remedies:


Honey is the magic ingredient in most home remedies because firstly, it is an essential household ingredient and secondly, it solves a variety of skin and health problems. In reference to dry cough, its stickiness and viscosity forms a soothing and calming layer over the irritated mucus membranes and as a result, honey acts as a demulcent par excellence. Being endowed with antibacterial properties, it also does the job of fighting the bacteria in case the cough is the result of an infection. For adults suffering from dry cough, two to three tablespoons of honey can be taken throughout the day. In case the sufferer is unable to sleep properly due to the cough, it is advised to take one spoon of honey at night, before bedtime.


9. Salt Water:

Through the biological process of osmosis, salt water is an effective measure to cure both sore throats and dry coughs. Since the concentration of water is higher inside the swollen throat than outside, water flows outward and as a result, the swelling goes down. As the swelling goes down, the throat is less likely to suffer from irritation and thus, the dry cough is cured. To cure yourself, take one tablespoon of salt in a large glass of water and stir thoroughly till it is completely dissolved. Gargle this water for ten to fifteen seconds and then spit it out. Repeat the process with the entire glass of water. Subsequently, rinse with plain water.



Steam is one of the quickest relievers of an irritated throat. Through the addition of essential and healing oils in the steam, the nutrients become airborne and can be easily inhaled along with it. As such, the soothing properties of these oils come into action and thus, the throat is treated. Many medicinal oils additionally fight viruses and bacteria, combating the very source of the dry cough. Add a few drops of eucalyptus oil or tea tree oil to your steaming vapours and inhale for about five to ten minutes, two to three times daily till you are completely cured.


7. Ginger and Peppermint Syrup:

Ginger can effectively cure the painful irritation at the back of your throat which may have caused the dry cough initially. It is an analgesic and anti-inflammatory in nature. The peppermint performs the same job and as such, complements the ginger in remedying the dry cough. Chopped ginger and peppermint must be added to around three to four cups of water. Boil this mixture and then allow it to simmer as soon as it begins to boil. After it has cooled, add a few spoons of honey till this dissolves completely. This can be refrigerated for two to three weeks and one teaspoon of this syrup can be consumed hourly till the cough subsides.


6. Garlic:

Garlic contains allicin which acts against sore throats, brining relief almost instantaneously. It is advised for consumption due to its anti-bacterial and anti-viral nature. In case of dry cough due to infection, garlic is useful for boosting the immune system as a whole, making the individual more resistant to cough and cold. Since some people find garlic a little too strong for direct consumption, garlic syrup can be prepared by adding a few cloves of garlic to boiling, hot water and a teaspoon of oregano as well. Once this mixture has cooled down, honey can be added to it. Even once the cough has been treated, garlic can be incorporated into the daily diet to prevent another further garlic attack.



Lemons, replete with Vitamin C and anti-inflammatory properties, not only relieve the throat of its irritation but also control infections by enhancing immune system action. Lemon juice is a refreshing beverage to consume during the days of immense heat. For a more curative mixture, lemon juice can be mixed with double the amount of honey and warmed. This mixture must be consumed at least twice or thrice daily for curing dry cough and keeping it at bay. You may also add ginger or cayenne to this mixture.



This is one of the most traditional cures that is being passed on from generation to generation in Indian households. Curcumin in turmeric is anti-bacterial, anit-inflammatory and anti-viral. That is why it is no surprise that it relieves the individual of dry cough. Equal amounts of carom seeds (or ajwain) and fine turmeric powder can be added to boiling water. Subsequently, add a little honey and you have prepared a mixture that can be consumed at least twice or thrice a day. Similarly, turmeric powder can be added to warm milk. In fact, turmeric milk is the favourite remedy of Indian mothers and grandmothers every time anybody in the house has a sore throat!



Carrots are both a curative and preventive measure for dry cough, cold and throat irritation. Carrot juice contains both Vitamin C as well as Vitamin A. Both these vitamins are essential for fighting bacterial and viral infections. Fresh carrot juice can be prepared simply by grinding carrots and if need be, this juice can be diluted by the addition of water. It is suggested to drink this juice around thrice daily to relieve the throat of a dry cough. Alternatively, honey can also be added to the juice to make it even more effective and appealing.


2. Onions:

It is not an unknown fact that onions have really strong vapours. Anyone who has worked in a kitchen and chopped onions with teary eyes will tell you that. By virtue of these very vapours, onions are able to prevent and cure dry cough. They also relieve the throat of irritation. To make an onion cough syrup, you may mix baked onions, comfrey tea and honey. Once this is prepared, it can be consumed regularly for a healthy and happy throat.



Almonds are a must-have in the daily diet of all individuals, whether adults or children. Among their variety of uses, curing dry cough is also one. They have essential nutrients that relieve the throat of its irritation and prevent such recurrences in the future. The best way of consumption is to completely soak the almonds in water overnight. In the morning, make a smooth paste of it, adding some butter. This itself can be consumed twice or thrice a day for instant relief. Alternatively, the paste can be mixed with warm milk and consumed.


So next time you contract a dry cough, do not go running to the chemist to buy those chemical-filled medicines with side effects. Instead, choose the traditional route and go for easily available, cheap and doable home remedies!