“One should not attend even the end of the world without a good breakfast,” said Robert A. Heinlein, one of the best science fiction authors on the earth. I hope you can now fathom how important this day-starting-meal is for any person. If we split the word ‘breakfast’ in two halves, we get break and fast, which means breaking the fast that we have been on overnight. Yet many of us just manage to skip it most of the mornings, thanks to our very busy schedules. But it is a proven finding and nutritionists around the globe have been stressing upon the fact that a nutritious meal is absolutely necessary before you begin your day. Start your day as you wish but always remember that a full stomach in the morning is going to keep you healthy and hale.

There are several plus points of having a hearty breakfast and you are about to read the top 10 listed down here for you.

10. Pumps you up for the day

A healthy nutritious breakfast in the morning acts as the fuel that you need to start the engine of your day. If you decide on skipping it, you may feel sluggish halfway through your journey and run out of whatever energy your body had in store. Not getting yourself charged up with a breakfast would be a really bad decision as it is going to harm you more rather than help you.


Whole grain bread with eggs, milk or any kind of juice, or cereals are the best examples of breakfast that can fill you up with the required energy and make you feel less tired and hungry till it’s time for lunch.

9. Gives you a positive mood

positive mood

Vital nutrients that you include in your breakfast will put you in a wonderful and happy mood for the rest of the day. There are numerous studies all over the world supporting the fact that skipping the breakfast will put a grumpy grey cloud over your head. An empty belly is no good and can make you gloomy and irritable all day. And you know that you definitely want to avoid being a person like that. So no matter what age you are, always have breakfast before you start your day.

8. Boosts your metabolism

boosts metabolism

Breakfast is a way to alert your body that another bright day has begun and thus your body should start working as well. Your body works and responds to breakfast by boosting your metabolism by 10% according to a study. When our body goes to sleep at night, the metabolism slows down as well. Eating a hearty and healthy breakfast in the morning will help to kick start the metabolism. A faster metabolism rate will keep your body working and that will allow to burn calories throughout the day.

7. Helps you focus better

When you are hungry, all you can think about is food. Instead, if you eat a nutritive breakfast before school or work, you will feel more alert and attentive. Several studies have proved that a good wholesome meal in the morning improves cognitive function along with an escalated sense of clarity and vigilance.

focus better

There was another study on adolescents which revealed the relationship between breakfast and its influence on memory. The high energy intake received from the breakfast had a worthwhile effect on the immediate recall memory of those participants. Various research has discovered how having breakfast before starting your day can boost your concentration and help you perform better at work or school.

6. Eat more, weigh less

Dieting or not, you cannot miss breakfast thinking that you might gain extra calories. Because then you would be just wrong, as researchers say that a sensible breakfast within two hours after you wake up is going to help burn calories rather than gain them. The studies have found that those who skipped breakfast were more likely to be overweight than those who didn’t.

eat more weigh less

If you don’t eat breakfast, you’d probably be hungry way before your lunch time. When lunch time arrives, you’ll possibly overeat. Not getting a breakfast would mean that your body’s metabolic process would not turn on and therefore, no burning of calories either. The researchers have also found that those who have a regular breakfast engage in physical activity on a regular basis which keep a check on your weight. Therefore, breakfast helps you in keeping an eye on your weight gain or weight loss.

5. Prevents you from having heart diseases

heart diseases better one

Skipping breakfast has been associated with a lot of heart diseases as it increases the risk of hypertension (high blood pressure), heart attacks, obesity and diabetes. Eating breakfast regularly also helps to clean the bad type of cholesterol (LDL). Hence, to keep our heart healthy we should never forget to have a nice and nutritive breakfast.

4. Prevents diabetes


Not eating breakfast would lead to imbalance in blood sugar level which poses as a cause to diabetes. There are many studies which support this fact and say that having breakfast everyday prevents you from acquiring diabetes. Nutritionists recommend whole grain foods such as oat meal or brown rice for breakfast as they are low on the glycemic index. These foods will keep you satiated for several hours and also will not cause any sudden rise in the blood sugar level.

3. Helps you gain nutrients

Researchers say that people who skimp on breakfast may miss out on important nutrients such as calcium and fiber. No breakfast will make you crave for quick eats which are mostly junk foods. Not getting a meal in the morning will make you binge eat throughout the day while you work and that food tends to contain more fat than nutrients.

helps in gaining nutrients

To hold on to the necessary nutrients that our body needs for the day, we should take out some time early in the morning to make a healthy and wholesome breakfast.

2. Makes you healthy overall


Even though some of us earthlings assume that we will be preventing gaining weight by skipping breakfast, that is not true. It will make you hungrier and also bring on a cranky mood that others have to deal with. True that with busy mornings we have little time to prepare breakfast but think about it, can you not spare fifteen minutes to maintain your health. Breakfast sets the pace for your day and gives you a positive and light mood. Hikes your energy level and boosts the metabolism. Having a healthful meal in the morning will certainly keep you healthy overall.

1. Sets a good example


Your kids mostly tend to follow into your footsteps. But if you skip the most important meal of the day, your children will follow suit and give breakfast no thought. Eating breakfast is a very good habit and inculcating this habit into your kids is a very important thing to do. Therefore, you must have breakfast every morning with your kids and set an example for them showing how important it can be.