Everyone is so busy planning a remodelling project for their kitchen and the living room that they tend to forget about the most important and functional part of their house- Bathroom!


The bathroom is one of the most used spaces of the house; right after you wake up, all you need is to free yourself up in the bathroom and take a shower to get ready for your office or classes. If the bathroom is in poor condition, it may affect your mood all day since its the first place you visit after waking up.


Imagine if the toilet of your bathroom leaks; there is dampness on the walls, faucets are antique and there are yellow stains on the wall. Worse like a public washroom, isn’t it? With such conditions, anyone can think about bathroom remodelling. But what about the budget?


Many people badly crave for bathroom renovation but tend to believe they are costly. That is not true! You can get bathroom makeovers in a budget too with the right type of changes and replacement. But don’t forget to hire the right type of professionals to do the job.


Here are some things to note to get your dream bathroom in a budget-


1) Modify the walls and replace the old tiles-Whether your bathroom walls had tiles, stones, stucco or any other material, with time the soap scum, watermarks, grime stick to the walls and make them look pale and dull. In the worst case, there could be the presence of mold and mildew because of the humid conditions of your bathroom. To get rid of all these problems, you must clean your bathroom walls thoroughly and put new tiles on them.


2) Get new fixtures and accessories- Sometimes fixing the small things can make a huge difference. You can start from upgrading the fixtures of faucets, handles of door and window, drawer pulleys, and toilet parts. Doing so can change the look of your bathroom at an affordable price and make it more functional.


3) Update the outdoor color schemes- When the toilet, taps and tub are in good condition, and the problem is only in the shabby appearance of your bathroom because of the watermarks, yellow scars, mold and dampness, it is time to get it painted. Upgrading the color with a bright and lively color palette scheme can give a modern touch to your 70s style bathroom. If you want to get artsy about it, adding elegant art on one wall can spruce up the place.


4) Add storage space- Most of the times, the toiletries and other stuff keep lurking on the washbasin shelf, difficult to find, giving it a messy look. You can add a little storage space or bathroom vanity to keep objects hidden. You can find a variety of bathroom vanities of varying sizes and material at affordable prices.


5) Improve lighting and ventilation- Bathrooms must be properly lit; therefore, go for LED lights that are cheaper and brighter. Secondly, improve the ventilation of your bathroom to keep the moisture away that is the root cause of various problems.