Are you looking to quickly remove grime, grunge, and grease from hard to clean surfaces? If you want to quickly and easily clean your commercial space, consider using a hot water pressure washer. Whether you want to clean pavements, parking lots, driveways, industrial floors, or any other area, a pressure washer can make cleaning easier for you. The advanced hot water pressure washer systems are designed for commercial and industrial cleaning applications.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, many businesses are using hot water pressure washers to make their building and operations as clean and hygienic as possible. Using this type of cleaning has become more important because hot water is most effective for cleaning greasy stained surfaces. As compared to cold water, a hot water pressure washer works best for removing oily or adherent dirt quickly. Hot water pressure washers can heat the water up to 80°C or higher that can effectively kill bacteria and microorganisms. This is particularly helpful in disinfecting the building to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

Even before this pandemic outbreak, power washing was widely used in a variety of industries to deal with oily dirt, as well as ingrained dirt. It helps in removing dirt and grime that can wreak havoc on commercial buildings. Here are some more great benefits of using hot water pressure washing for your commercial building.
Deep Clean

The hot water pressure washer provides a faster and more hygienic approach to cleaning. As compared to cold water cleaning, hot water can quickly and effectively remove dirt and oil that hides in small scratches and cracks. Hot water works great for breaking the bonds between molecules and can penetrate tiny gaps for deep cleaning. It works best for removing those stubborn stains that one encounters in many commercial and industrial cleaning applications. Moreover, pressure washing is also helpful in cleaning hard to reach surfaces.

Reduces Health Risks

It is a known fact that high temperature helps in killing germs and bacteria. Hot water pressure washing will make your building free from germs that may cause diseases. Moreover, when you use heated high-pressure cleaners, the drying time is reduced. This happens because hot water leaves the surface slightly heated that helps in quick drying and therefore reduces the chance of mold or bacteria growing from the moisture.

Boost Building’s Curb Appeal

High-pressure power washing is used for cleaning a variety of outdoor surfaces, such as facades, vinyl and aluminum siding, brick walls, concrete walkways and sidewalks, parking areas, etc. Most of these surfaces are difficult to clean traditional cleaning methods. But high-pressure washing can quickly remove built-up dirt that can wreak havoc on your building’s appearance. It will give your building’s exterior a clean and fresh look that will attract visitors and customers.

Saves Time

Oil, grease, and soot emulsify quickly when warm water is applied. It is seen that in commercial and industrial applications, hot water pressure washers can save up to 40% of cleaning time. Hot water quickly removes stubborn stains and oil that otherwise would take several hours for cleaning. Unlike cold water, hot water doesn’t leave behind any residue as it dissolves layers of grime with one use, thereby reducing your cleaning time.